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YCE kiosk gave intelligent retail digital signage solution

Retail stores are always trying to give the innovative and creative element to the Chinese chain markets, this includes the usage of the newest technology and products. Youngch electronics provides high resolution LCD video wall products and solutions for multitude of projects including smart technology solutions. For retail stores, these products and technology brought significant changes.

Project introduction
Together with the development of the mobile internet network, more and more of the consumers are hoping that the retail products give interactive and cohesive experience, methods and choices, but this is very difficult to achieve in the traditional retail environment. The traditional methods are developing too slowly, the market shares are crushed, being unable to solve the customer problems, therefore it is the right time to develop the digital signage retail solutions.
In order to comply to the intelligent retail trends, retail store has acquired a complete strategy for digital signage implementation and development, by using Youngch electronics LCD video wall solutions in many of the chain stores in China. The implemented digital signage system helps them to investigate the customers’ behavior and activity, attracting the customers, predicting and personalizing the experience, establishing the trust of the customers and gaining many advantages. These revolutionary buying experiences, were the beginning of the road to complete digitization of their retail solutions.

Video wall usage project

LCD video wall is replacing the traditional wall mounted LCD designs, becoming the newest of innovation for shops. Among these are Youngch electronics series 55 inch LCD video wall and 46 inch LCD TV wall, it does not only broadcast the commercials, but it can also give the customers interactive experience, and it turns the wall into beautiful background, upgrading the beauty of the interior the convenience of the media broadcasting, largely improving the aesthetic effect of the shops. 
The advantages of Youngch electronics video wall

3.5 ultra narrow professional video wall 
Original Samsung high brightness screen, the brightness is 500 cd/m2