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YCE kiosk installed 300 touch screens in school

In recent years, with the rapid development of information construction in primary and secondary schools in China, the educational system has expounded the importance and necessity of digital campus construction from the single campus network to the now powerful digital campus. The cultivation of innovative ability of primary and middle school students has played an invaluable role. Information transparency for the school and the communication between parents have built a good platform for the construction of information networks for school management has a strong role in promoting.

YCE kiosk interactive touch wisdom class brand of education informationization is the process of regional development, and integration of school moral education in depth a try and exploration, is a domestic original, with the benchmark nature of the product, at present in China completely ahead of other manufacturers. Youngch electronics interactive touch smart class is mainly based on the construction of class culture, mainly to play its active role in primary and secondary school moral education. At the same time, an application of carrier class brand is also interactive touch wisdom information technology environment, daily radiation, better penetration function, can replace the class blackboard, wall advertising, can be applied to the popularization of scientific knowledge, broaden their horizons, improve their management ability, inquiry ability and information literacy. Data presentation platform intelligent platform, but also one of the intelligent platform data acquisition tools. Through the "Yang Chun interactive touch smart class", both the rich and colorful class culture has emerged, and it has also become one of the interactive media between schools and classes, teachers and students, and parents and students. Eventually, the interactive touch intelligence class will form the class, students of large data analysis support, become an indispensable part of the support of the campus of wisdom.

Campus information release window
Class cultural construction window
Feedback window of classroom teaching
Youngch electronics wisdom class interactive touch card is the network information transmission and multimedia terminal control, through the terminal software to form a complete advertisement broadcasting system, can according to the customer demand and the wisdom of education development, continuous innovation in the application. And through pictures, text, video, small plug-in (weather, exchange rates, etc.) multimedia material for advertising. Intelligent adjustment of brightness, rich functions, suitable for various applications. The utility model can be widely used in high-speed railway stations, booking offices, schools, airports, hotels, lobbies, exchanges, cinemas, 4S stores, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other fields. In addition, you can also access library data through compatible campus card equipment, you can achieve bibliographic access, pre borrowing and other activities, the concept of the wisdom of the campus really reflected. Interactive touch class cards or by the wisdom by the campus local area network, help promote each class, teachers and students to form the virtual campus community, really play smart campus advantage, rich and innovative teaching life.
The traditional smart class card is more just a presentation function, and Yang Chun interactive touch smart class pay more attention to the wisdom of class cards and students and teachers interaction. Through the interactive touch wisdom class brand, in-depth open smart campus students and students, students and teachers, students and parents of the interactive exchange channel, the real wisdom campus landing, let the interactive touch wisdom class brand added wisdom curriculum activities. Shanghai Yang Chun Electronic Limited by Share Ltd recently in Shanghai city in Minhang District, primary school and other schools to create 300 interactive touch wisdom class card, which can be used for course information, teacher information, class information, school notices, class tasks, the use of interactive touch class brand wisdom let parents and children for class information at a glance, have a greater role in promoting for class management, advance course information, let the kids ready for school, notice the rapid diffusion of information sharing in a timely manner, to enhance teachers and parents communication efficiency, but also greatly promote the information communication between parents and schools, reduce communication misunderstandings, parents and schools are worry!
Interactive touch wisdom of the characteristics of the class:
All metal design, to avoid electromagnetic interference in public places;
Touch panel, with 10 points infrared touch capacitive screen, high transmittance, anti scratch, sunscreen explosion, touch feel fine;
Support LAN / WAN / WIFI / 3G (optional) / stand-alone use;
Background management function, through the Internet in any place management advertising machine (need to match the information release system);
The whole machine design with anti-theft lock, so that the machine and the wall closely integrated; to prevent theft; machine and wall pendant separately designed to install a simple, easy construction;
With the intelligence terminal software, can be published at any time school announcements, promo, school culture, class style information; can also achieve educational information query, curriculum, class information query, examination information card, credit card camera attendance, Student message and other interactive functions;

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Youngch electronics for six consecutive years made high-tech enterprises in Shanghai certification, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental system certification and occupational health system certification. Independent development of commercial flat panel display equipment and digital solutions, has been the media, education, finance, telecommunications, brand chain, and so on more than a dozen large industry applications.