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Youngch electronics had a great success at DSE 2017 in Las Vegas
Digital Signage Expo (DSE) is the world's largest electronic billboard exhibition and is the only exhibition supported by the Global Digital Signage Federation (DSF). 2017 US DSE show in the March 29 opening, Youngch electronics  (YCE-KIOSK) with with electric car charger, vertical touch screen kiosk, beauty advertising machine, wall advertising machine, vertical touch query and other fine boutique debut, The first day of Youngch electronics new products in the scene successfully set off a topic, attracted a large number of foreign friends for a long time, even more than the first day of the show at 10:00 broke the first single, the scene detonated to high.

Date: March 29-30, 2017
Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Host Conference: Exponation, Digital Signage Federation

On the first day of the annual digital signage exhibition, the scene is crowded and the products are dazzling, and are in the pavilion, feeling the visual impact of the dazzling digital signage solution. This year, one into the venue, the first thing that catches the eye is Youngch (YCE-KIOSK) exhibition hall. High pressure style, in this exquisite chic exhibition hall is also reflected in the most incisive, in many exhibition stand out.

(1) Youngch electronics (YCE-KIOSK) as the industry's leading video product suppliers and solutions service providers, DSE in the world stage to show the world's most advanced products, highlight the "Made in China" power. This exhibition Youngch electronics (YCE-KIOSK) from the booth design to exhibits are carefully screened, the booth is completely self-built structures.

[2] show the first day of the scene will set off the scene , won the live bursting popularity, attracting a large number of foreign friends stop interaction and consultation.

【3】 foreign friends on the (YCE-KIOSK) of the new products have a strong interest in the booth before the long stay, to experience the pleasure of new products

【4】 Charging pile, vertical touch one machine, beauty advertising machine, wall advertising machine, vertical touch inquiry machine boutique dress debut, is  (YCE-KIOSK) DSE show all the guests of the grand and unique Gift, attracted the attention of the guests of the world, taking pictures, interacting. (YCE-KIOSK), always the best, the latest products back to the public.

[5] Youngch electronics (YCE-KIOSK), by virtue of their absolute quality, good reputation, excellent service attitude, irreplaceable product advantages, etc., in the first day of the show, they set off the scene, won the only scene Bursting popularity. 10:00 the day the first single burst to HIGH, the first day of the show was the first successful!