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Interview with Mr. Shao Dianwei, general manager of Youngch electronics Co., Ltd

Interview with Mr. Shao Dianwei, general manager of Youngch electronics  Co., Ltd


Digital audio and video engineering network


Recently, Youngch electronics company was visited by Chinese digital audio and video engineering network, "Digital Audio-Visual Engineering" magazine " 2016 annual digital audio and video industry top ten brands" contest, where we won the 2016 annual"Top Ten large-screen video wall Excellent Brand Award "," Top Ten Monitoring Security Excellent Brand Award "," Top Ten outstanding brand of digital signage Award "three awards, highlighting the leading position of youngch electronics in the field of audio and video. 

Based on this background, the digital audio-visual engineering network reporter visited the award-winning company's general manager Mr. Shao Dianwei and conducted a brief interview to explore the the secret and the story behind these three awards.

Digital audio and video engineering network: It is understood that at the end of 2016, your company was going to undertake the delivery of various projects accumulated on the 10,000,throughout the various provinces and cities. In addition, Youngch video products and solutions have been applied in hundreds of countries and regions.What is the business philosophy that led your company to receive  such a brisk performance?


Mr. Shao: Yougnch electronics under the guidance of Chairman Yang Yueping’s business strategy, reached success through the integration of resources, framework adjustment and product upgrades and other series of management initiatives, while new and old customers suppored our enterprise to achieve our goals by giving special attention to particular markets . At present, enterprises with independent innovation, focus on cross,support the development and lead the future for the business philosophy, focusing on becoming the video display industry leader.


Digital audio and video engineering network: Youngch electronics was established in 2009, independent operation were conducted in video display technology field, structure technology,three-dimensional information accumulation, a leading video products suppliers and solutions service providers, occupy a place in the market. So what are the unique advantages of your company compared to other types of companies?


Mr. Shao: Yougnch electronics is an enterprise focused in the technical and product development. In technology: we acquired the AR application technology, face recognition, background cloud data integration as the core technology.

In the product: a bar screen, transparent screen, video wall splicing screen, small pitch, curved screen for the product features. So that the company truly become a product solution provider.


Digital audio and video engineering network: At present, which are your company's product lines? Briefly introduce us to your company's main product? What are the characteristics or advantages?


Mr. Shao: the company's industrial product lines include video wall, digital signage, the pop out video wall frame,

the screen motherboard, display system: a network cable to achieve 254 road signal transmission, to achieve cross-screen roaming overlay function.


Digital Signage: In terms of hardware, your products have made great breakthroughs in narrow side, ultra-thin and multi-profile video wall applications. At the same time, you have integrated the carrier-level information distribution system, human traffic collection,statistics, analysis and face recognition And the latest AR video enhancement system in digital signage applications.


Pop out video wall frame: The former pop out frame is our research and development patent, the electric front maintenance frame is our upgrading product, which is convenient for installation and after-sale maintenance.



Digital audio and video engineering network: In the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, after-sales service has become a measure of many users of a business standard. So, what kind of system and advantages does your company have in the after-sales service?


Mr.Shao: Youngch electronics in the provision of products at the same time, with particular attention to after-sales service. Companies set up after-sales service team dedicated to one-on-one person after-sale tracking, to take 24-hour response, 48 hours to the scene to solve customer service standards for after-sales problems. 24 hours to open the national after-sales service hotline. Number: 400-6023-033;Second: one-stop service, set up in the company's Web site service center module, you can connect to the relevant departments for customer needs network communication. Website:; Third: the company set up offices in many countries to make it more convenient to facilitate timely after sale maintenance process.