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Wall Mount Advertising Player

22 inch wall mounted advertising player(YC-22G01)

Advertising players use original imported industrial grade LCD screens
A+ LCD panel. They can be continuously used for 24 hours
365 days without switching power off

LCD display operating life is up to 60000 hours. 

The new light control technique can effectively filter the high power blue rays

eliminating the eye fatigue that is caused by screen flickering
which lets you look at the screen comfortably for a long time.
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Fax: +86-21-39812912



Model number


Decoding board

Embedded HD 

audio decoder board

Maximum resolution


Angle of view

178 degrees horizontal 

178 degrees vertical level;


16.7MM color





Signal response time


Visual area (mm)


Storage capacity


Installation method

Wall hanging

Support for video encoding format



Supported image format


Support for audio encoding format


III2.0; MPEG-4 AAC-LC5.1/

HE-AAC5.1/BSAC2.0; WAV; 



Remote controller adjustable

Automatically turn on, shut down


Playback mode

Loop, spots, timing, 

etc. play mode

Memory card protection

Lock with safety 

protection design

RJ-45 interface




Infrared input


Power supply specification

Voltage range: 

100VAC to 240VAC

Speaker function


Maximum power consumption


Standby power consumption


Operating temperature


Operating humidity

10%-90%no condensation

Storage temperature


Product qualification

CCC certification, 

CE certification,

 FCC certification, 

ROHS certification, 

the Ministry of public 

security testing report,

 energy efficiency 

testing report, software copyright

Enterprise qualification

ISO9001 management system, 

14001 management system, 

18001 management system, 

enterprise safety production 

standardization certificate,

 software enterprises


For every system you can choose these products

1. x86 system includes intel processors dual core or quad core i5 and i7, when you buy you also need to choose the hard disk size RAM, visit custom page to see available versions 

2. Network version can be used with wifi or 3G network it is suitable for remote control content management

3. Single version can get content from usb or sd card and it doesn't use network

4. Android version uses android preinstalled chip, the functions are similar to android mobile phones where you can download many programs easily and free of charge. 


■Product description


This product can be controlled by terminal software, network information and multimedia content presentation together make a complete advertisement broadcasting system, which can be presented through pictures, letters, videos, weather forecast, exchange rates etc. multimedia content. The smart adjustment of brightness and many different functions can be used on many different occasions. The scope of usage is very wide, like for example at train stations, ticket office, schools, airports, hotels, halls, markets, shops, cinemas, exhibition halls, malls and so on. 


■ Functions and specifications 

※Supports 8/10 bit double channel LVDS high definition display, full color OS human interface menu, it has advanced factory settings and so on. 

※ The motherboard is protected from dust by special design 

※ The platform control function, the digital signage can be controlled through the internet from any location

※ The whole metal design, making it possible to avoid the influence of electromagnetic disturbances

※ It supports LAN/broadband/wifi/3G (according to your choice)/standalone unit usage

※ It supports usage in different areas or the screen, while simultaneously showing pictures, letters, videos and so on.  

※It supports USB import of data, broadcasting diary record, broadcasting list, predicted settings and other functions

※ It supports the timer controlled turning on and off of the device

※ It supports operation for 24 hour continually 

※ It supports the watchdog reset function 

※ It supports the encryption of items and software 

※It supports the decoding function 

※ It supports SD card or USB stick broadcasting 

※ It supports high resolution videos 1080P broadcasting 

※ Support AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, VOB, TS and other video formats, loop playback;

※Support AAC, APE, FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP3 and other audio formats to play

※ Support BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF and other picture formats to play

※Support picture resolution 800*500 - 920*1080 JPG and BMP format, pictures automatically expand to full screen.

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