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Company introduction

Shanghai Youngch Electronics Co., Ltd is a video display industry pioneer and leader. Since its founding, the company has developed advanced video display technology, structure process, three-dimensional information accumulation, while adhering to the integration of resources, fully open cooperation, with high quality products as the core, high quality service oriented, continuous innovation, constantly improving and leading the global video market. Adhering to the "innovation, service, development" business philosophy, we have successfully opened market in the various provinces and cities throughout the country, public security, military defense, University, Medical, commercial chain and other fields.

The company has recently moved to a new 7 floor building that incorporates production and office facilities. The new production facilities include the advanced laser controlled metal cutting machines, digital signage production lines, video wall frame and screen assembly line. The production capacities have increased in order to meet the demands of international market. Youngch electronics welcomes you to come to our production facility and pick the digital signage that you need. 

Shanghai youngch electronics and its export brand YCE kiosk have established a secure position in the highly competitive audio video and digital signage industry. The company is situated in Shanghai, China, Songjiang region and it is one of the largest manufacturers of Video walls, digital signage and kiosk products in China. 

Through many years and many projects through China and all around the world, the company has accumulated a lot of knowledge making it one of the most experienced and professional company in the audio video installation field. 

The company owns 3 production facilities, 2 in Shanghai and one in Shenzhen. Those 3 production facilities are able to fulfill the requests of even the largest orders in the shortest period of time. 

We use the best lcd panels in the industry from samsung and lg in order to give the best results for our customers. The video wall screens are ultra narrow border seamless screens with border size from 1.8 to 3.5 mm.  

The digital signage kiosks are represented by our famous brand YCE kiosk that has entered into more than 30 countries all around the world representing the high quality digital signage at the best level. We provide the customers not only with hardware solutions but also with software solutions, following your project from beginning to start. Our representative offices all around the world serve you 24 hours a day with excellent after sales service. 

Beside the screens, our top of the line metal workshop can produce and kind of casing according to your demand. The metal cutting machinery is equipped with the newest technology laser positioning system, making it possible to cut the smallest pieces of metal with the highest precision. 

Youngch electronics headquarter has a large storage facility with the samples of our products that can be sent to you immediately. Please inquire now at or or visit our webpage