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Distributions system video wall project case from Youngch electronics
The analysis of the situation

Together with the fast development of the information technology, the users have more and more requirements regarding the display systems.

Therefore, the LCD video walls with their high resolution, high brightness, low energy consumption, ultra light and thin properties, full color depth and other functions and specifications that bring the special advantages. The video wall products are especially useful at the conference halls, control centers, exhibition halls, surveillance rooms and other venues. However, in the past the most of the buildings have used the cumulative video wall system. Because of that, the purchase and maintenance costs of the video walls were very high, which made most of the small and mid-size enterprises unable to buy video wall systems. 

In the modern times, with the improvements in microchip technology, decoding tech, large data networks and ultra fast broadcasting development, giving a chance for a new video walls system that uses those technologies - the distribution video wall system. 

Shanghai youngch electronics has acquired many years of experience in visual display engineering field, giving many solutions of video wall distribution systems that are suitable for usage in small, mid and big enterprises, government, education and other fields. At the same time they developed video wall distribution system that can be used for control centers, corporate centers, exhibition centers and other project case solution. 

Youngch electronics video wall distribution system introduction

System concept

Youngch distribution video wall system is a new generation of complete hardware solution for video management products. It doesn't use compression giving realistic images. It uses patented synchronous technology, the cable installations are convenient, making it the most competitive distribution system for video walls on the market.  

Product design, technical specifications

Product design

Ultra thin design

The device casing is made by light-weight design, the weight is lower than 2kg, it can easily be installed into standard 19 inch server cabinet, the installation is easy and convenient, with stable fixing. 

Pure hardware design

By using pure hardware FPGA design, the internal self-developed hardware control, with excellent picture management properties. It does not need any operating system, the speed is quick, the machine never has failure or freezing, the components don't disturb each other, there is no blue screen, viruses or other types of malfunctions. The device can operate at temperatures from -20 degrees to +65 degrees centigrade, the stability is high, the normal operating time without failure is MTBF>80,000 hours, it supports 365x24 hours continuous operation, making it suitable for usage in control centers, surveillance rooms and other places where there is a high request for constant stability of the system. 

The real time image

It provides real time image of the video wall picture which can be shown on mobile devices, making it possible for the control center employees to control the surveillance system even when they are not next to the video wall screens. 

Networking capabilities

When faced with big screens on different floors of different big buildings, it is possible to achieve sharing and control of data from all the control devices; providing safety through the inside firewall. 

Device casing 
It uses aluminium alloy heat dissipation system, without a small fan that could produce noise, because it does not have small fan, it can't lead to failures of the fan that could cause overheating.

Multi video wall synchronization 

Signal preview 

The software includes signal preview, it is possible to see the real time signal of all the inputs, it is convenient for the surveillance room personnel to observe the real time conditions, add inputs, when the display is connected it is possible to achieve 60Hz high resolution preview. 

Uninterrupted channel change

The device internal hardware has high resolution signal processing device, making it possible to exchange signals with black screen or any other disturbance (while some other brands have black screen of around 2 seconds), the complete real time, no disturbances, during the exchange of signals it uses no disturbance technology, with no black screens or lagging, the exchange process is natural and flowing. 

Network screen share 

These is a network share add on, it is easy to share screen from any computer that is in the same network, it can support desktop video broadcast. 

The background loop exchange 

All types of signals on the big screen can be listed and saved as background in the device, it is currently possible to store up to 64 types of background signals. The background can be composed into groups, showing the signals from different devices (cameras, servers...) in a loop. 

IPC loop
If the number of IP cameras is bigger than the number of screens or IPC points, making it possible for the signal from large number of cameras to be played in loop on a screen, the broadcasting time and loop order can be freely edited, loop time, loop model 1X1, 2X2, 3X3 can be chosen, and it is also possible to change the IPC list in real time.  

4K ultra high resolution 

4K ultra high resolution integration, the resolution can reach up to 3840*2160, and it is also compatible to all of the standard lower resolutions, ultra high resolution picture shows in details different types of high resolution pictures, engineering pictures, city planning pictures and other types of pictures. 

Control and administrator 

PC terminal control software can be optimally performed on a windows operating system platform, it supports windows XP/7 and other operating systems. it is easy and convenient to install software, the functions are plentiful, easy to comprehend, one PC allows the the control of many groups of MCNET system, when focused on special function requirements it is possible to apply free or paid custom made upgrades. 

Maintenance is easy and convenient 

The smart distribution system is designed for daily usage, the maintenance is extremely convenient, it is not necessary to change the system during the replacement of faulty contact points, you just need to replace the faulty contact points and that is it. The input and output spots also support thermoelectric insertion, where it is impossible to influence the operation of the complete system. 

Open protocol development, it can support various open protocol systems, convenient for the users to accumulate.